Preparation (5): Peak as Peak Can

Some people know how to make most of a festival evening, some are pretty good at finding beautiful hiking tours. R. knows both, being well qualified for Saturday’s companion.


View from the Spitzstein to the Kaisergebirge

The 5th peak 2017 is the Spitzstein, located somewhere between the Chiemsee and Kufstein. With 870m difference in altitude it proves once more the strong correlation between steep trails and the need for plasters.


Spitzstein Peak: 1.596m

Once on top, the view is fantastic and reaches from the Kampenwand to Tyrol’s higher mountains and from the Chiemsee to the Inntal. With one foot in Bavaria and one in Tyrol, we are able to be at 2 locations simultaneously, approaching the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Isn’t it great how shaped physiques meet applied physics?!


Somewhere between Austria and Germany

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