Preparation (6): Flying on Chicken Wings to the Hennenkopf

I should have known that: Hiking with Barbara means => Barbara + further company. Been there, done that but still I am stunned by the impact.


1.768m or: perfect pictures are best when accompanied by a personal photographer

The two of us start at the fairy tale castle Linderhof, all in the spirit of Ludwig II and his longing for calm and beauty. Ten minutes later we remark a third shadow following us: Michael had been heading for the Pürschling peak but instantly skips his plans and is willing to join our trekking day.


Hau ruck – today’s route shows manifold facets

Our tour follows kilometers of small trails, all up and up and steep and sometimes cliffy. Thanks to the recently painted marks along the route, we find our way up to the Hennenkopf without difficulties. Apart from our follower, we see chamois, copulating amphibians and giant snails, but no further hikers until we reach the top. Even on a sunny high season weekend, this part of the Ammergauer Alpen is less frequented than the popular peaks around.


Ammergauer Alpen

After soaking in the 360° view, we start losing height and continue our loop road to the Brunnenkopfhäuser. Tons of food and cake later, we change the steep trails for rough forest roads and head down to the castle. The entire tour with 1.040 m altitude difference took us 6 hours and probably more calories than we were able to refill at the Brunnenkopfhütte. Conclusion: worth it!


Linderhof at our feet

P.S.: Proud to announce the 1st tour of the year free of pain – except for the horsefly bites…

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  1. She’s got that certain something I suppose… I never found out whether they come out of a rabbit hole or from outer space, guess we better watch out when she’s close!

  2. Curious to know how Barbara manages all the men she finds in the middle of nowhere or do they come from outer space?

  3. We will definitely get used to a personal photographer/wine supplier etc…. next time I will watch out for a food caterer!? 🙂 Hau Ruck!!!

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